Thrill Seeking Activities in the Highlands

If a walk around the Highlands is not enough for you, there are a lot of activities that can sky rocket your adrenaline, Scotland is full of surprises!

Munro Bagging

Scotland has a mountaineering hobby of its own: Munro Bagging. A Munro is a mountain in Scotland that is over 3000 ft high (914 metres). There are over 280 Munros in Scotland. If you bag all 282 Munros, you can call yourself a Munroist. The most famous Munro would be Ben Nevis, which stands at 4411 ft (1345 metres). In fact this hobby is not as easy as it may sound on paper. Often the conditions of the Munros are arduous due to the unpredictable Scottish weather. As a result, only around 6000 people have bagged all 282 Munros. Why not try to become one of this elusive club? You’ll find 17 of them just in the Loch Ness area.

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Bungee Jumping, Bridge Swing & Skydiving

Each of these activities are some of the most adrenaline rushing things you can do in your life, and all within an hour of The Highland Club. Try jumping off a bridge, swinging under a bridge or jumping out of a plane just to try something new.

Fort William Skydiving

Fort William Bungee Diving

Fort William Bridge Swing

Killiecrankie Bungee Diving (2hrs drive away)


In Nevis Range, you can not only hike and ski but also go paragliding! With Beyond Extreme, a paragliding school recognised by HRH The Duke of York, you can do a tandem flight or even start learning how to paragliding. You can have a taster course or do a full training course which teaches to go from beginner to club pilot.


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Motor Racing

This exhilarating sport that encompasses many different varieties of car racing can be found in the Highlands.

Knockhill is the ultimate place for different driving experiences. There you can drive a racing car, a Ferrari F430, try out rally car driving, an E-type Jaguar Experience or Aston Martin amongst many other options.

Unfortunately, this circuit is not close by as it is located near to Edinburgh. However, this could make for an excellent family day trip!

Fort William:

With Quad Bike Tours, you can not only go on quad bikes but also go on 4×4 tours, which takes you off road all around the area.

Mountain Biking

For information on Mountain Biking, please see our post on Sports in and around Fort Augustus.


Though snow in the rest of the UK is unreliable, snow can be guaranteed in Scotland, especially in the Ben Nevis area. In fact, 40 minutes away is Nevis Range Mountain Resort, which is the perfect location for winter sports. The Nevis Range offers breath-taking views from the top of the gondola, as well as excellent slopes.

White Water Rafting

Get your blood pumping and adrenalin flowing by going white water rafting in the Scottish Highlands. Vertical Descents offers four rivers of varying levels in Fort William, and many companies have different levels of white water rafting to ensure that everyone, no matter their proficiency, has an unforgettable time.

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Fort William


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Canyoning is the downwards traversing of a gorge through various means. From jumping into chutes of water or simply jumping off a waterfall, there are many skills that canyoning uses. There are many places where canyoning can be tried out near The Highland Club. The closest venue would be in Fort William, where there is a canyon along The Alt (one river that drains from Ben Nevis). Alternatively, there are many other places in the Highlands where you can try out canyoning including the Isle of Skye.

Fort William


Isle of Skye:

Scuba Diving

Experience a new world under the water by scuba diving in the sea lochs of the Highlands. Saint Catherine of Loch Fyne is an excellent shore dive as there is a wrecked speedboat on the floor of the sea. There you can find anemones, lobsters, and fish amongst a lot of marine life.
If wreck diving especially interests you, there are plenty of other diving sites to visit such as Moray Firth or Oban for example.

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River Sledging (White Water Sledging)

In Your Element offers River Sledging near Loch Lomond where you sledge down rapid filled rivers. In a wetsuit, enjoy plunging down the small waterfalls on a river sledge, certainly a new way to experience nature.

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Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking is an especially challenging but amazing adventure to try out. Battle your way over the changing tide and shore waves. There are many areas where you can try it out, from Fort William to nearby the Isle of Skye.

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