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Zip Trek Park


miles from The Highland Club

Soar High Through The Trees…

See the sights of a stunning Scottish Pine Forest like never before – on zip wire! Zip Trek Park Aviemore is based on the Alvie Estate in the Cairngorms.

The Zip Trek is a guided journey made up of 14 zip wires along a stunning 2km river gorge course. The zips start gently and get bigger, higher, and faster as you go, with the last one stretching on for 550m allowing you to reach speeds of 40mph!

The Zip Adventure was brand new in 2019, this one is for the more intrepid zipper! This adventure includes 17 self-guided wires with a permanently connected safety system. You will zig-zag across and along the Alvie Gorge, flying high over trees and waterfalls as well as swooping along the rocky cliffs – this is not for the faint hearted!

From November to February each year, zippers will be able to take on a brand-new adventure on the self-guided Zip Adventure wires – after dark!! Imagine flying over Alvie Gorge and the river below when it is highlighted by spotlights and through a floodlit Caledonian forest. Make sure you take time to truly savour this one!

Zip Trek Park

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