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Uile Bheist Distillery


miles from The Highland Club

in 2023 when we opened the doors at the Uile-bheist Distillery. Nestled directly on the banks of the River Ness, our distillery site holds great significance as the birthplace of the mythical legend, Loch Ness Monster (Uile-bheist Loch Ness).

It is here that the first recorded sighting of this infamous beast took place. Legend says that in 565 AD, Saint Columba banished a ‘Water monster’ back into the river, where he saw him attacking one of his disciples. Celebrating this, we wanted Uile-bheist to be a distillery that would protect the landscape that Scotland’s greatest myths and legends live on. By building a sustainable energy centre, our ‘brewstillery’ has been described as ‘exemplary’ in its practices.

So step into our world and experience the power of storytelling, where each sip of our meticulously crafted whiskies and beers carries the weight of ancient legends and captivating tales.

Join us at Uile-bheist, where great stories are told over great drinks. Indulge in the rich heritage of whisky and beer, immerse yourself in the magic of the River Ness, and embark on an unforgettable journey through taste and tradition.

Uile-bheist Distillery & Brewery Ness Bank, Inverness, IV2 4SG

01463 215510

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