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Inverness VR Experiences


miles from The Highland Club

The ultimate goal of Virtual Reality is to make you feel like the game or experience you’re enjoying isn’t virtual at all! When an experience ceases to feel like a game it becomes exponentially more thrilling, more exciting, and more memorable.

The feeling of a VR environment being perceived as real is often described as ‘Presence’ - it’s the quality that developers most strive to attain.

At IVR, you will experience ‘Presence’ like never before. Featuring high-end PCs, commercial grade headsets, haptic suits, guns with recoil, motion based simulation, artificial wind, and MUCH more, our goal is to bring you a zero compromises, cutting-edge VR experience right here in the Highlands.

So come visit us and forget reality for a little while - we can take you virtually anywhere…

8 Inshes Holding

+44 07738053730

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