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Farm Ness


miles from The Highland Club

It's not just goats, we have lots of different animals at Farm Ness and all of them are well handled and interactive. We have bunnies in a huge paddock that like to say hello, Alpacas, Woolly Pigs and Highland Cattle. You can arrange to have a private tour, meet and greet of our animals. Please enquire to hear more.

Pedal Tractor
We have a range of different ride on pedal tractors including a variety of sizes to suit different age ranges. We also have a variety of implements to attach onto the back of the tractors.

We have the Highlands first Jelly Belly, Air Bouncer... whatever you want to call it. It is very popular with both adults and children alike.
*During downpours, the Jelly Belly has to close as the surface becomes slippery. We always dry it afterwards the downpours end though so that you can continue your fun.

Sand Pit
We have a large sand pits with mud kitchens, see saw, sit on diggers and beach hut. We have a range of apparatus including pots, pans, buckets and Bruder toys. You are welcome to take your own toys for the sand pit... just don't forget to take them home!

Being on BBC 2's 'This Farming Life' was a truly magical experience for us. The camera crew became our friends and it was a real buzz having them find our every day life interesting.

Donald's favourite moment being filmed was when Steven filmed him in the shop loading the freezers with meat when in the background there were joiners banging, a sparky at work and Kevin from Inverness Coffee Roasting giving coffee demos... there was definitely a lot going on!

For Joanna, her favourite time during filming was the early hours of the morning in the lambing shed. When you watch her alone in the shed, she was actually there with the all girl TV crew and the 'executive decisions' being made were more of a group call

Shop and Play: 7days a week : 9am-5pm
Food Truck: Wed - Sun : 9am - 3pm

Dunain Mains
Dunain Straight
Inverness, ​IV3 8JX

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