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Sports in and around Fort Augustus

Updated: Feb 23


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Hidden between the mountains and Loch Ness, is a 9-hole, 18-tees golf course designed by Scottish golf pioneer James Braid. Often thought as the most challenging 9-hole course in Scotland, this scenic course may not look intimidating but can certainly fill an afternoon. Opened in the early 1900s, this course has some permanent residents: sheep. Having lived there so long, they pose no threat to your golf balls but they create the unique challenge of playing around them. And although there are no golf carts here, trolleys can be hired to make your gentle walk around the course a little easier. Located next to Caledonian Canal, the golf course is easily accessible from Fort Augustus and you can hire clubs at the course. With a welcoming clubhouse and licenced bar, this golf course has all you need for a fun and relaxed afternoon.

Fort Augustus Golf Club, 9-hole course, 18-tees Address: Markethill, Fort Augustus, Inverness, PH32 4DS Tel: 01320 366660 Mob: 07799 728669

Yardage: 5,454 Par:  67

Green Fees when published Per round: £18 Per day: £25 Clubs and trolleys for hire.

For more information, please email fortaugustusgc@aol.com


Fishing is a fantastic activity to try out in the Highlands, the waters all over Scotland being well stocked. Catch and release is a highly regarded practise for recreational fishing in Scotland, which is why the waters in Scotland are so abundant with fish now. Loch Ness and the Caledonian Canal are no different. If you want more variety for fishing, there are 21 hill lochs around that are also available. Below is more information concerning fishing during your visit to The Highland Club.

Caledonian Canal

Fishing the Caledonian Canal is allowed along the manmade sections of it. Though this fishing requires no permit, it is important to take care of overhead power lines and waterway users. In Caledonian Canal you can find:

  1. Brown trout

  2. Freshwater fish

However migratory fish cannot be caught. Even if migratory fish are found in the canal, such as brown trout or Atlantic salmon, they must be returned to the water due to new regulations.

Loch Ness

Fishing a Loch requires a permit. To find out more to or to buy a permit for River Ness and Loch Ness, please call 01463 233178  (Grahams of Inverness). An exception is that there is free bank fishing for brown trout from Loch Ness, but only with light tackle, away from mouths of rivers and with landowner permission. Permitted bait is flies and spoons.

In Loch Ness you can find:

  1. Pike

  2. Ferox trout

  3. Sea trout

  4. Brown trout

  5. Atlantic salmon

The season for brown trout fishing is from 15th March to 6th October. Salmon in Loch Ness is best caught through trolling. The salmon season in Loch Ness is from March to September.

Fishing at Loch Ness can be organised by:

  1. Camping and Caravanning Club Website: http://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/ukcampsites/holiday-ideas/camping-and-fishing/scotland/fishing-at-loch-ness/

  2. Whitebridge Hotel Tel: 01456 486226 Email: info@whitebridgehotel.co.uk

  3. Bruce Wynne, Drumnadrochit. Tel: 01456450279 Mobile: 07831372229 Email: bwynne@madasafish.com

Salmon fishing on Loch Ness can be organised by the Glenmoriston Estate. For more information, please visit www.glenmoriston.eu

Bait and tackle can be bought from the Whitebridge Hotel or Eric H Wallace Fishing Tackle & Gift Shop in Fort William.

Salmon fishing

Atlantic salmon fishing is often the main attraction when fishing in Scotland. As it has the longest productive season in the world, on average 80,000 – 90,000 salmon are caught every year. The season for salmon fishing is from 11th January to 30th November, but the seasons to vary from river to river. However, salmon fishing is highly regulated and requires a permit. There are also other rules such as it is illegal to kill salmon before 1st April, or that there is no salmon fishing on Sundays, by law.

Nationwide season close time for salmon is 16th October to 14th January.

The nearest place to do some fine salmon fishing in Scotland is in the River Moriston. The Glenmoriston Estate has the exclusive fishing rights for 12.5 miles of the river. The best time for salmon fishing here is from around 15th January to late May.

Closest fishery

There are no fisheries close nearby. The nearest fisheries are at least one hour drive away. Options include:

  1. Geddes Fishery Please visit http://www.geddestrout-coarsefishery.com/

  2. Loch Ann Fishery Please visit http://www.lochann.co.uk/

  3. Dunlichty House Please visit http://www.dunlichityhouse.com/fishery/

General information:

  1. In order to conserve eels, fishing or taking eels was banned in 2008

  2. The maximum number of rods that can be used from a boat at any one time is four, even if there are more than four people on the boat.

  3. You may only fish with one rod at a time

  4. Leaving any rod unattended with baited hook in the water is illegal in Scotland.

  5. It is a good idea to check which methods of fishing, baits and numbers of rods are permitted or even best for fishing in the area before a fishing trip.

  6. For more information about fishing in Scotland, please visit https://www.visitscotland.com/see-do/active/fishing/

Horse riding

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If galloping through the Highlands is on your bucket list, you can easily tick it off at Loch Ness. Close to Urquhart Castle is Borlum Farm, the ideal place learn how to horse ride. Experience the Highlands in a unique form and make a new friend in the beautiful surroundings that the north of Scotland offers.

For more information please visit www.borlum.co.uk


Be like Scottish Disney princess Merida and learn how to climb up Scotland’s mountains! Learn how to rock climb and abseil to experience a completely different view of the Highlands. Progress from an indoor wall to the real thing and in the open Scottish landscape! You can take a guided walk or learn new skills such as how to scramble and climb in summer and in winter.

For more information please visit:

  1. In Your Element Website: https://iye.scot/ Email: fun@iye.scot

  2. Alpha Mo