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What to do at The Highland Club at Christmas

Updated: May 6, 2023

The winter holiday season is upon us and there is no better place to spend it than The Highland Club! The air is crisp and fresh; morning frost, if not snow, as far as the eye can see, and the cosiness of a Highland Club apartment to spend the chilly evenings. There is so much to do, and so many ways to relax with us at Christmas so we thought we would share our favourite winter tips!

1. Take a stroll.

Of course, one of the big holiday arguments is if you should take a family walk on Christmas Day. In the Highlands, a stroll even just along the shores of Loch Ness is one of the best things to do. Before you tuck into your feast, take a quick walk around The Highland Club, or Fort Augustus, or even venture into Glen Coe if you’re really craving a hike! But some fresh Highlands air can never go amiss.

2. Enjoy our sauna and a dip in the pool

With all the winter chill outside, sometimes it’s best to stay indoors. For our guests, the Chapel Pool, Steam Room and Sauna are all free to use, and if you want to recreate a tropical sauna, humidity, warmth and everything the Highlands can’t quite provide in the middle of Winter, pay a trip to the Chapel!

3. Cook a roast dinner in the comfort of your apartment!

It’s the holidays, and restaurants get busy and booked up. Especially if you’re travelling with children, sometimes it’s easier and far more enjoyable to spend an afternoon cooking with the family for a delicious home cooked meal. And at your home away from home, we’ve got all the equipment you could need to cook your perfect Sunday or Christmas dinner!

4. Watch Harry Potter

One of the things we are told is how much The Highland Club reminds our guests of Hogwarts. Whilst we don’t quite have the towers and bridges that define the castle of the wizarding world, we are situated next to a gorgeous Loch, have a few clock towers and are in the middle of the Highlands. In fact, to get to us you could go past the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which is only 30 minutes from Fort William! Truly delve into the world of Harry Potter in your private lounge – our favourite is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!

5. Use the Highland Club’s lounge for a bit of communal fun!

Whilst each apartment has its own private lounge, The Highland Club Lounge is a beautiful room for all our guests to use. Beyond its stained glass, Gothic decorations and timber panelling, there is also a snooker table and plenty of books to borrow and read. Kick back on a couch or get up for a game of pool – there’s fun for all!

6. Highland Club’s Hogmanay

If you’re staying past Christmas, Hogmanay at The Highland Club is one of the best ways to welcome in the New Year! It’s a private ticketed event only for guests and owners at The Highland Club and with a goody bag, nibbles, live music and drinks. It will be a night you won’t forget! Check our Facebook page for more details!

We could keep going about our favourite ways to spend Christmas in the Highland Club, but everyone will also have their own favourite traditions and ways to spend the holidays. Our last note on the subject is that The Highland Club offers the flexibility for anyone to spend their winter vacation in their own way, with a little Highland’s touch from us!

Post first published 23rd December 2018

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