Weddings at The Highland Club

A wedding is meant to be the best day of anyone’s life, and having it at The Highland Club would ensure a completely unforgettable day.

Place of History

There is nothing quite as enchanting as a venerable building, marked by hundreds of years of Scottish history. Albeit it, The Highland Club is not quite a castle but has been filled with the history of one. The history of The Highland Club starts around 1350 when the Old Castle of Kiliwhinan existed, although evidence only exists in one place. The site of the Old Castle was built into an English fort to combat the Jacobite Uprising in 1716. The Scottish history that has taken place at the old Fort was not insubstantial. From being taken over by said Jacobite forces to the first Benedictine Monastery and Abbey being set up and built within the Fort’s grounds. The history of The Highland Club is one of the most appealing aspects of this site as a wedding venue.

Location, location, location

The shores of Loch Ness are one of the most beautiful landscapes you will find in the world and quite the unique place to get married. We have four different gardens/lawns each of which are stunning in their own right. Our child friendly grounds include a croquet pitch that looks out on to Loch Ness on one, a cricket pitch on another. There is no shortage of nature, and plenty of striking areas in which to take photographs.

Help on the Day

Our wedding organiser at The Highland Club, Pebble Evans, must be hired when booking The Highland Club as a venue. We ask this to ensure the easiest liaison between the site and you as our customer. With her knowledge of The Highland Club’s grounds, she is there to help on the day to ensure it all runs smoothly.


The Highland Club can accommodate a small or large ceremony. The Abbey Church Atrium is a stunning hall with tall ceilings and arching wooden beams. Grand and yet intimate, a wedding in the Atrium can seat up to 80 guests to witness a beautiful and memorable day. Alternatively, The Club Lounge (previously the Benedictine Abbey’s Refectory) can be used for a wedding that seats a maximum of 20 people. With the three long Gothic stained glass windows that characterise the room, this enclosed setting is perfect for a small and lovely wedding.

On the other hand, if you’ve always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, The Highland Club can offer the Badminton Lawn for a wedding. Set it out with a giant kata tipi or gazebos to enjoy the Highland air and the striking view of the Highland Club as you say your vows. Guests can easily wander the grounds to quickly find wonderful views of Loch Ness stretching down across the horizon.

Dancing and Drinking

A reception at The Highland Club would be sure to blow you and your guests away. Easily move from your outdoor ceremony or from the Abbey Church Atrium to your reception outside, on the grounds of The Highland Club. As The Highland Club does not have catering facilities, you have multiple options from hiring out local restaurants, such as The Boathouse, to eating in a marquee or tipi on the grounds. This allows you to truly create and decorate your space to completely suit your tastes so you can celebrate the marriage with your friends and family. Enjoy a dance on the shores of Loch Ness or simply under the Scottish sky and stars on a night you’ll never forget.

When the dancing ends…

Not only are our grounds infamous for its history but the apartments are also perfectly suited for weddings guests or a wedding night. As part of a wedding package, after your wedding on our grounds you and your guests can enjoy our luxury apartments with a 10% discount. Our apartments are spectacular and comfortable, so you can relax in true Highlands style.

 Key information about getting married in Scotland:

  1. You can get married anywhere you want in Scotland! As long as your officiant is happy to perform the ceremony. This means that our entire site and grounds are open to you. From the shores of Loch Ness and The Badminton Lawn to the Abbey Church Atrium itself, it is completely your choice to tailor your wedding location to your wildest dreams.
  2. The weather is unpredictable and unreliable. As a result, it is good to have a back up plan especially if you’re planning to have your ceremony outside.

To find out more about getting married or having your reception at The Highland Club, please contact or visit A wedding is your day and it would be an honour and privilege to host you on this special day to ensure an exceptional and memorable wedding that you can share with your family and friends.

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