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Glencoe Nature Reserve


miles from The Highland Club

Glencoe is a world-famous place of history, wildlife, and adventure! The eight mountains that tower over the glen were formed through violent volcanic eruptions and then sculpted by massive glaciers to create the legendary landscape portrayed in many silver screen productions.

As well as its wild beauty, Glencoe is also well known for its haunting past, being the setting of the infamous 1692 massacre of the MacDonald clan, learn more about this in the new Glencoe Visitor Centre. You will learn of various areas of interest within Glencoe, which also played a part in this harrowing story whist listening to a short film narrated by Game of Thrones actor Rory McGann.

During present times, Glencoe remains a magnet for walkers and hikers of all abilities, continuing to attract more than 150,000 mountaineers each year with the lure of tackling the rugged terrain, making the most of the huge diversity of climbs and getting the ultimate view of the dramatic landscape below.

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