AGM – 6th November, 2014


Dear All,


I attach an Agenda for the meeting on 6th November, together with the form of Proxy and Budget Report 2015. 




There are a couple of specific things on the Agenda which I would like to draw your attention to. 


Firstly, we would like to look into the possibility of converting the heating of the common areas, Club Lounge and Swimming Pool to a biomass system instead of the LPG system currently in place.  Gary Lee (of Aonach Mor) and Mark Dallas spent a lot of time going around the Abbey with a representative of Topling/McDermid to see whether (a) a system of this kind could be implemented at The Highland Club; and (b) the costing of such a venture.   I attach a proposal received by us for your information.   Gordon Bradford from McDermid Energy has very kindly agreed to attend the AGM to talk to those people present and to basically explain what a biomass heating system is all about and how cost efficient it could be!!


For those of you who are unable to attend the AGM, I will let you have a note of the points raised/discussed following the AGM.  Please note that there will NOT be a vote on whether to implement such a system at this year’s AGM but if need be, we can always call an EGM rather than waiting until next year.


Secondly, with regard to the outstanding sums due by some owners for the service charge/conservation levy (whether this be because owners refuse to pay the service charge/levy or that they are paying an element of the charge but not on the same basis as was agreed), I will be providing to the AGM a list of such owners calculated as at Friday 31st October.  I will obviously provide the same list to those owners who are unable to attend via e-mail following the AGM.


Therefore, if you have not paid your service charge/conservation levy, can you please ensure I receive the outstanding sums by Friday 31st October to avoid being added to my list!




It would greatly assist me if you could let me know, as soon as possible, who will/will not be attending the meeting on 6th November so that I can ensure we have sufficient chairs/refreshments laid out in The Boathouse for everybody. 




If you are unable to attend the meeting, can you please complete and sign the attached Proxy and return it to me by no later than Friday 31st October


If you are intending to attend the meeting on 6th November, would you please complete and sign the form of Proxy attached to this e-mail and bring it with you.  I will then collect them from you at the meeting.


With best wishes.



01.10.2014 Agenda for AGM and attachments

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