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Reflexology and Shiatsu

Lovat Hotel


0.3 miles

Reflexology and Shiatsu


Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12pm - 5pm
please book appointments in advance

Welcome to Jaynepshiatsu

I am a complementary therapist offering Shiatsu and Reflexology.

I am currently offering sessions from the Lovat Hotel in Fort Augustus on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

My aim is to help you find balance by reconnecting to the core of who you are-by letting go of what no longer serves you, so you can enjoy better health and live your best life in a natural and healthy way.

Reflexology £55 per session

Shiatsu £60 per session

Reflexology is a 45 minutes plus consultation - please allow 60 mins.

Shiatsu is 50 min session plus consultation - please allow around 60 mins.

Bringing an open heart and mind, Jayne has an empathic way of working with people. She is able to step in to their shoes and understand what they are going through and where they would like to progress with their health and well-being goals.

Prior to training as a shiatsu practitioner Jayne was a community dance facilitator, working with people to develop their health and well-being through the medium of dance.

Jayne's interest in how our bodies work-the link between body, mind and emotions led her to shiatsu.
Jayne is a member of Shiatsu Society UK, was peer mentor coordinator for shiatsu practitioners in North West, supported Shiatsu College Manchester as a teaching assistant from 2020 until her move to Scotland in 2022

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