Why choose a self-catered holiday?

Holidays, the word simply conjures up relaxation – freedom from chores, deadlines, and responsibility. Why would you want to include washing up as a part of your holiday? Self-catered apartments, such as the ones offered here at The Highland Club, are an indulgence – a refinement on everyday life. You have all the options of your kitchen and more when you decide to stay in a self-catered accommodation.

We’ve listed more reasons why you should choose to self-catered:


If you want cupcakes at 1am? Bake them! You are not limited by closing times of restaurants. More so, you are not limited purely to your kitchen when you stay self-catered. If you want to have breakfast at home, a picnic at lunch and to dine in a restaurant for dinner – you can. Every option is open to you, unlike if you stay at a hotel.

A luxury home away from home

Enjoy the hotel treatment of The Highland Club, with the never-ending choice of food you get in your own kitchen. Instead of trying to clothes for 5 people for 2 weeks, there are washing and drying machines – no more expensive hotel laundrette! All the equipment needed for a home cooked meal is provided alongside the facilities of a hotel. What could be better?

 Your own private space

Your self-catered apartment is a home away from home. You get to enjoy your own space without having to worry about room service knocking on the wrong apartment door. There is no more need for two separate hotel rooms for mum and dad, and kids as families can stay together in one apartment. With the private living room there as well, you are free to play monopoly together (with all the shouting that it involves) until late with no worries of disturbing other guests.


Staying in a self-catered apartment can be cheaper than staying in a hotel and solely dining in restaurants. By cooking your own food, you can cut down on costs – and then use the money you saved on more activities!


Instead of being confined to the tourist world of hotels and restaurants, self-catering allows you to have a more authentic experience. Go to the same supermarkets as locals and find out where the best place to buy certain ingredients or try more local ingredients or food! You can try the town butcher or visit nearby farm shops for truly fresh ingredients. The local world of food opens up to you.

Food requirements

Children and certain dietary requirements can complicate travelling due to food choices that may be necessary. With home cooking, this problem is eliminated. If you have a son who only eats pasta with cheese, or a daughter who is severely allergic to peanuts, you can avoid the daily fuss with restaurants as you have the same flexibility with food as you do at home.

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