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We have a fantastic selection of 26 apartments and 2 cottages available for holiday rentals and long lets.

Simply select the apartment or cottage where you would like to stay from the Holiday Rental page.

Choose dates of stay

Having selected your chosen apartment or cottage, please use the calendar from your chosen property’s Pricing and Availability page to select the nights when you would like to stay. Generally we cannot accept bookings of a single night but sometimes this may be possible.

If you have difficulties or are interested in a single night stay and would prefer to call us about your booking, click here for our contact details.

Booking and payment

After filling in the online booking form;

If your stay is less than 6 weeks away we will require full payment for your stay in order to confirm your reservation.

If your stay is more than six weeks away, you have the option of making a full payment or you may wish to pay a holding deposit of £200, following which the balance payment will fall due 7 weeks before your stay.

Prefer to book by phone?

We are also very happy to take your booking over the phone if this is more convenient for you.

  • Telephone 020 3478 3897
  • Available daily 9am - 6pm

Information on Payment Methods